26 July 2011

Fork in the Road

It has been a long while since I have made any posts. My reason being I have been very busy with a new job.

I have been there for three months now. Like every job, it has its ups and downs. The ups are that I have came across some very wonderful people in my journey. People who have helped me have a new look on life. I have also learned things about myself that I wasn't sure I had. Like, I can work under the high pressure it takes to work at a new restaurant and leave at night feeling very accomplished. Even though I never thought my professional place in life would be a kitchen, I feel as though I can accomplish anything if I can do this feeling great. The downs are that I have physical health problems that are undiagnosed that sometimes make the job harder than it needs to be. I take the challenge, though, because I refuse to let the issues I am having prevent me from being a working woman. I have worked too hard to be the independent woman that I am to lose this battle. I will just take the days I need to recoop when I need to and pray that I get the things I need to maintain my independence.

One thing I have learned, is that life will always throw a fork in your path to try to knock you down. The only person who knows the path that must be taken is YOU. The answer is ALWAYS deep within you. It may take some digging to find it, but it IS always there.

Even if you find yourself running in circles because you are much too impatient to stop and pause, you will arrive at your destination soon enough. My opinion is that if you are prematurely choosing your path without stopping to take a glance at your surroundings, you are in much need of the lessons you will learn by taking the more difficult road.

I know I am also guilty of making impulsive decisions that take me down the road of lessons rather than the straight path to my destination. I do, however, cherish every lesson that I have to learn. I strongly believe that these lessons are needed in order to handle what will meet me at the end of my journey.

So even if you're impatient, take a moment to look back at everything that may have "gone wrong" in your life. Analyze how you handled it, and figure out how you feel about it now. Figure out what each situation has taught you about yourself. Appreciate how far you have come in life rather than dwelling on the fact that you have not reached your destination in your own time limit. Realizing what you have over thinking of what you don't ALWAYS makes the sun shine brighter.

So, go ahead. Realize. I dare you. ;)