13 March 2012

A Blast from Your Lemons Past

Hey, guys and gals! It's been a few months since my last post. Life has definitely thrown me some major curve balls that I hadn't expected. However, that didn't stop me from walking to the plate to bat each and every time. Of course, I might not have the best hand eye coordination, but getting hit by the ball still allows you to walk to first base. 

So, where to I begin? I have learned so much in the many adventures I traveled through between my last post and now. Guess I'll just go where my fingers take me.

Here it goes.

When life gives you lemons, DO NOT put vodka in your lemonade! Of course it makes it all fun and fantastic for the first few parties, but you aren't handling the situation. You are avoiding it. Which, in the long run, will come back to bite you in the ass! Trust me, I know from experience. It makes life all hazy from one moment to the next. Everything is great because your problem has been tossed to the side. But let me tell you something, honey, when you run out of vodka and start sobering up. Your troubles are still there giving you the death stare because you need to FIX the problem. You can only drink it away the memory of the issues, but they never leave. They only become invisible to your beer goggles.

There are many other great things you can do with those lemons, though. Lemons are sour, but if you add a little sugar they are extremely tasty. There's always lemonade, lemon cookies, lemon meringue pie, lemon iced tea, etc. All things that are handling the situation in a positive light, not running away from the problem altogether. Share these lemons with someone you trust if you must to help you get through it. You can get through any obstacle thrown in your path because God does not give us more than we can handle. If you are feeling overwhelmed. Remember that God thinks you have the strength, wisdom, and courage to get through the problems you are facing today. The lemons are their for you to make sweet treats and beverages with them to share with the best friend you and getting the aid from, to increase your stamina and will power. Lemons are a great source of vitamin C that helps build up your immune system. So it makes sense when life throws you lemons. You need to build up your figurative immune system.

Also, live your life for today. I know that I am guilty for this as well as the next person, but we CANNOT change the past. We have NO WAY TO KNOW what tomorrow holds. So, why not live for today. Take steps to heal past wounds. Find closure however you must, but please move on. I know from experience how difficult it is to move on from past events that may have scarred you, but the only person suffering from those memories you are holding onto with so much hatred is yourself. I am sorry, darlings, but you can't change it. And allowing it to continue hurting you today isn't only affecting you, but the people you love. Trust me, it won't be easy. The first step is to figuring out the source of what is causing your agony. Then, confront the issue head on. Meaning you have to mentally revisit the event that is causing you such dismay in your present time. If there is a person you can talk to, a place you can visit, anything that would trigger the full memory and allow you to let out all the grief and emotion you have been holding in for all this time then go find it. Visit the place, talk to the person let them know exactly how you feel. Nine out of ten, they know they've done wrong. Maybe they are sorry. Maybe they are not sorry. Forgive them anyways. Let it go. I know you will probably always remember, but you can't let it hurt you anymore. As tragic as you past may have been, it is what made you who you are today. The strong, beautiful man or woman walking around the stores and streets everyday with a huge smile upon your face hiding the tender scars you are hiding behind your beautiful eyes.

If you can do that, you will cross over a huge canyon in your life that was holding you back from living in the moment. However, don't jump from yesterday straight into tomorrow. Pace yourself. We are only granted today. Tomorrow isn't promised to us. You can still dream, but don't let it overpower you and become all you're living for because if you do, you've lost today to tomorrow.

The videos below are some songs that played through my head while typing today's post.

You have come a long way just by looking up and researching self-help advice. I believe in you. You should, too. Until next time, this was Marcy Jenson advising you to find your inner peace. You can defeat the beast inside.

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