22 February 2011

Published Old Poetry Today

As you may all see, I have added a couple new blogs. Well, in fact, they are extremely old blogs I have finally recovered. "Geas World" consist of old poetry that was already posted there. Once I get a chance, I will add more of my old poetry there.

I want to warn you that my writings back then were very dark and deep. I was a completely different person back then. I thought my life was so horrible. I had every right to feel the way I felt. I went through some pretty terrible situations throughout my teenage years. My actions, however, were by no means acceptable. I can't tell you how many times I have apologized to my mother in the past couple years.

I think it is relevant, though, to show my writings from the morbid time of my life to the people reading the motivational posts I publish in "Taking a Look Behind the Eyes". I think the people reading the stuff I post about the struggles I face today and the way I handle them today is much different from when I was younger. I want you all to see that I am giving my insight from years or therapy for myself. I had to learn how to deal with my emotions in a more healthy way, and back then; I didn't think there was any other way possible.

Like I have been saying from the beginning, I am not a professional. I am only speaking from experience. I will start taking time to let you all in on the experiences in later posts.

Yes, you will probably see me fall on here from time to time as I try to still break the cycle of depression I suffer with still today, but I promise you it will not be so hard because I know I can pick myself back up.

If you are interested in reading those poems I mentioned at the beginning, click here.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful beautiful day.

19 February 2011

Jumping vs Climbing

Life, for everyone, has its ups and downs. Sometimes it gets so low it is hard to think about anything with a positive light. Even though we sometimes feel like life has defeated us, we notice a tiny speck of light in the far distance. In awe, we follow it. As we get closer, the brighter the light shines. It also grows in length. Our thoughts slowly start to shift in an optimistic direction. Finally, when we get close enough, we realize that the light we followed was shining through a crack in a door that opened when the previous slammed in our faces.

Are you the type that follows the light to find new opportunity or do you let your prior rejections hold you down? As easy as it would be to let the ladder take place, wouldn't you feel more accomplished to chase the former? I know I would. Sometimes our biggest set backs is trying to jump over a mountain when we can only max about three feet of air in one jump and the acme is sitting in the clouds. Wouldn't it be wiser to reach for smaller, reasonable goals on your journey to accomplishing your bigger goals?

I won't lie. I have always tried to jump over that mountain in one leap. I have only reached failure each time, and always tried to get over it with the same methods over and over again. So I am speaking from an experienced failure point of view when I say that I am turning my life in a new direction. I will climb the mountain slowly. I will go for what is in reach to pull myself closer to the top. It will not be an easy process. I will have to cultivate patience. I will have to learn much self discipline. I will also have to keep myself motivated because none of my dreams will happen over night. On the other hand, they will never happen if I don't learn from my mistakes.

Are you going to climb your mountain, also, or will you continue trying to jump over it? I hope you decide to climb with me, but if you do not, I wish you luck. I am not a professional. My climbing may only make me lose my grip. I am only doing what we all have the power to do with our own lives. I am taking control and trying something new.

Until next time, this has been Marcy Jenson. Hope you get the insight I am trying to provide.