22 December 2010

Mo[u]rning Gory

All my days start off on about the same note. At the very moment my deep slumber evicts me and I start to gain awareness of reality, I beg for my dreams to accept me back with open arms. When it rejects me, I check my energy levels which is rarely a full charge. I linger around in bed hoping the royalty in dreamland will realize they have made a mistake and call me back. They rarely do, so I reluctantly crawl out of bed and prepare for my day.

I am sure I am not alone in my dread for waking up each day and avoid going out and venture out into the day's journey. We don't have to let it stop us though. If we fight against what is holding us back, we can and will accomplish everything we have on our agenda. We will not only have a to do list completed, but we will also have a heart filled with goodness knowing we won today's battle. The war may not be over, but we will fill a little more confident for the new journey we will have to walk through the following day.

So let us take our troubles head on, and show ourselves we do have what it takes to live in this world. We are just as important as the next person; and without us, some in the world would not be right. Although we tend to feel we do not belong, our existence is very important to society.

Until next time, this has been Marcy Jenson telling you to keep your head held high.

Have a great day!

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