06 October 2011

Find the Light

Hello out there in this cruel world we are living in today. I haven't made a good post in a long while. So I am here to give the advice that my friends and I have for you all today.

Tonight's topic is about the unpredictable things in life. How we cannot avoid them, but we can learn how to adapt to all changes and still find the light inside of the darkest tunnels you must pass through to survive.

How many of you feel like you are stuck in an unavoidable situation, and can't seem to shake off the negative thoughts and emotions that always seems to follow? If you aren't in that situation at this very moment, I am sure you have had at least one experience in life that made you feel that way. If you haven't ever had an experience to make you feel this way, then you are probably too young to understand the things I will say in tonight's post. One day, however, you will be in a predicament that makes you think back to this very post. Hope what you read here helps. :-) (remember I am not in any way or form a professional and can only give advice based on personal life experiences)

I can't even pretend to know what your problem may be at this very moment, but the way to solve the problem is usually always the same. Find the LIGHT. No matter how dark the situation seems, there is ALWAYS a bright side. Everything always happens FOR A REASON. Even if you do not SEE the reason at the time things are going "wrong", it is there. Hold on to the light. Make a point to look at the pros even when they seem to be out weighed by the cons. Feed the pros cheeseburgers to make them gain weight if you must.

Find a way to cope with the situation at hand. Whether your more comfortable with music, a bottle of jack (just don't try to out drink your problems because that will create an even bigger problem), spending time with people that make you feel better, writing, etc.; you can always find a way to make the journey you are taking an easier ride to endure until it is over. Usually the things you use to help you get through turns out being the light of the situation.


So, go feed your pros cheeseburgers. Light the candle. Use your cell phone's back light if you have no other choice., but don't let your life get as dark as your worse situation.

Everything could always be worse, you could be trapped on the moon with the creepy cheese man...

Until next time, this is Marcy Jenson telling you to grab your yellow crayon, and draw your sun in your own sky. :-) You are worth it.