14 May 2012

Growing Pains

Today I will talk about emotional growing pains. They hurt. Plain and simple. Just like the bones in your legs hurt when you are growing taller, your heart hurts as you grow older. As you transition from childhood to adulthood, you have a billion questions to ask yourself. Sometimes not knowing the answers to those questions cause grief to your fist-sized heart.

No matter what your questions are, only you know the answers. Whether you are trying to figure out your career line, future goals, or if you are ready to settle down and start a family; only you can decide. You must look deep within your soul to find the answers. Filter out through all the life lessons you have already learned, and figure out who YOU are becoming to the world.

Change isn't always fun, but IT HAPPENS. We all grow up. We all mature. Sometimes hobbies stay the same, sometimes they change. Hop scotch might have been your favorite game as a child, but not so much anymore. That is okay. OR hop scotch may still be your all time favorite. That is okay too. 

This blog will be all over the place. I apologize for that. I am all over the place right now. I am trying to filter out my life lessons and figure out who I am. I have always had a fear of change, but growing up is supposed to be fun. Well, not fun per say, but not so frightening. So, why am I taking this so hard? I will tell you why. 

In 2004, I lost my oldest brother to a car accident. I am much better in the healing process now, but it still stings around this time of the year. He died the day before Independence Day. He was my first major lost. I know we all lose people, but I took it hard. As time went on, I started losing more people. Now, my biggest fear is being alone in life. Fear of abandonment. Also, fear of not becoming the person I long to be. The problem with that is I don't know who I want to be. I have all this great insight, but why can I not take my own advice? That I cannot answer. 

So, let us all who are afraid of change make a promise to ourselves. Lets dive in. Lets grow up. Let's make everyone we've lost and even the people we still have proud. Let's not be cry babies any longer. Let us GROW!

07 May 2012

What's love got to do with it?

Hello world! I am back! I am here with a little message about my opinion on some things! Hope I don't offend any of my readers, but it is the expression of my feelings on this topic!


Love is an emotion. It is how you feel. Everyone's definition is not the same. You love your family, friends, people you barely know, and sometimes strangers. It is how you feel about the person. 

What about romantic love? The love you feel for that significant other. How does that love effect you? How does it effect your loved ones? The answer is simple. However you and them allow it to effect them is exactly how it effects them.

Sometimes you will love someone so much, and your loved ones may disapprove of the person. You won't love them any less for it. But, they shouldn't love you any less for loving someone they wouldn't particularly date or potentially marry. It can, however, leave you in a state of confusion and frustration. Why do they disapprove? What is it that turns the off to my guy/girl? Should I leave the person I am happy with to prevent my loved ones from leaving me?

Don't those thoughts override your mind. Everyone has different taste. Everyone views the world different. And, if you are truly happy then try to explain that to your loved ones. Maybe their accusations are accurate. Maybe their nightmares mean something more than you think. But, the decision is always ultimately yours! If they love and respect you enough, they won't leave you because you are dating someone they don't particularly like to be around. If they do, they were never really a true friend. Odds are that one day the people who have bad thoughts about your guy/girl will date someone you don't want to be around either. It happens. It is life. Not every soul is compatible. 

If you are a minor reading my blog, I have to inform you that your parents override my jurisdiction and you must abide by their rules. Sorry, I know it isn't fair. You are only a kid once, so enjoy it! Nine out of ten you will not love the same guy you are with by the time you are allowed to date him/her anyways. That is life, too. 

I am not an expert on this subject. It is simply my opinion, but that is all I have to say for today. 

So, keeping being happy. Keep loving everyone you love! Don't let fear stop you! Don't live blindly either, though! This has been Marcy Jenson, and I LOVE my readers!