22 February 2011

Published Old Poetry Today

As you may all see, I have added a couple new blogs. Well, in fact, they are extremely old blogs I have finally recovered. "Geas World" consist of old poetry that was already posted there. Once I get a chance, I will add more of my old poetry there.

I want to warn you that my writings back then were very dark and deep. I was a completely different person back then. I thought my life was so horrible. I had every right to feel the way I felt. I went through some pretty terrible situations throughout my teenage years. My actions, however, were by no means acceptable. I can't tell you how many times I have apologized to my mother in the past couple years.

I think it is relevant, though, to show my writings from the morbid time of my life to the people reading the motivational posts I publish in "Taking a Look Behind the Eyes". I think the people reading the stuff I post about the struggles I face today and the way I handle them today is much different from when I was younger. I want you all to see that I am giving my insight from years or therapy for myself. I had to learn how to deal with my emotions in a more healthy way, and back then; I didn't think there was any other way possible.

Like I have been saying from the beginning, I am not a professional. I am only speaking from experience. I will start taking time to let you all in on the experiences in later posts.

Yes, you will probably see me fall on here from time to time as I try to still break the cycle of depression I suffer with still today, but I promise you it will not be so hard because I know I can pick myself back up.

If you are interested in reading those poems I mentioned at the beginning, click here.

That is all for now. Have a wonderful beautiful day.

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