06 August 2011

Dear Jack

Another stressful boring day. Another random romantic poem. Writer's block has lifted... I wish my comp was up and running so I could continue my novel.


Dear Jack

If I said I love you
Would you say it back
Or would you make my heart feel like it were under attack?
Some times I wonder if there is more to me and you
Some times I wonder if you are my something new
You turn my frown upside-down when you are around
Your presence always lifts me up when I am on the ground
With much effort you do these things because I'm hard to please

But you push for smiles until you do succeed

Not every man would try so hard to please just any girl
Not every man would make my head swirl

Jack, you are so good to me when no one else is there
You make an effort to prove to me that you really care

Confusion, though, does set in when you walk out my door

You look for love when its in your face
I guess you do not know
When is the time or the place
Where the love will glow

I care for you and this is true
I think that you should know

We are meant to be
Why can't you see
The love I'm trying to show


Hope you enjoyed this cheesy poem.

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