04 August 2011

Holding to Hope

I am bored. So here is a random poem. I write usually in a romance genre, but sometimes I mix it up. I have a few friends who are always coming to me with their relationship issues. So, this is dedicated to them.

Holding to Hope

As she sits alone at night, she thinks of you with a tear in her eye.

She is so confused by the signals you send and only wants your hearts to blend.

You're everything she thinks she wants and in her memories you do haunt.

You make her worries fade away while in her presence day by day.

You say you care and act like you do, but when asked how you feel you don't have a clue.

She believes that you care and wants something more but your presence my friend is something she adores

Afraid to push you away she sucks up her pride she puts on a smile
her feelings she hides.

You may feel the same way
so you are both suffering
By each passing day

So open your mouth and say what you think because this girl can be gone in a blink

She won't wait forever since she has a life plan but she's holding to hope that some day you will be her man.

Hope you enjoyed my cheesy love poem. We sometimes forget that men are human too and have emotions they hide. They aren't all bad. Some times their eyes are just as open as ours but their hearts are closed to protect themselves from pain.

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