26 March 2012

Young Roller Coaster Love

Inspiration has set in and I will use all my engery to write these creative passages. When life gives me lemons, I will find a way to use the juice as ink. It may be a very light and bright color, but I believe that is the best part!

I'm here tonight with a story to tell
Of a boy and a girl and how in love they fell

It all started out with a day gone bad
For the girl who was feeling nothing but sad

Her bestie was there with the runaway car
But these girls had no means to run very far

They stayed up all night giggling away tears
Hoping the laughs would chase away fears

This girl had a phone and other people who cared
She vented all out; her problems she shared

On the other end of that phone someone found the problems alarming
Who would've thought, He'd be her prince charming

Not a Knight, Not a fool
Not in armour, Not in foil
A Prince, I do say
Indeed I mean royal

The charmer with words she needed to hear
The support and the care was all just so near

The friend with the car that couldn't take her far
Had places to go leaving this girl feeling bizzarre

Not ready for home
And a prince in her hands
She asked for a rescue
She had a plan

Prince charming agreed to show up with a sword
Hoping her pain would be no more

Prince charming was unaware of the issues at hand
But he stepped to the plate
His heart was so grand

Not wanting to push
Not wanting to shove
Only wanting one thing
That thing was love

She let him in deeper than anyone before
She left her dirty laundry all over the floor

Pointing out all her flaws and why she thinks no one will care
But he ensured this young girl that he would be there

The deeper she fell
The more she let go
Control was all gone
The flaws she first mentioned were starting to show

Prince charming still stood by his word by sticking it through
He boarded a very tough ride
Boy, if he only knew

The girl unknowingly started to damage
The heart of a prince and he hoped he could manage

Finally realizing the control she had lost
Young girl told herself she was the boss

Not the boss of the prince
Oh, no not indeed
But the boss of herself and the way she'd proceed

Trying hard to turn it all around
Young girl relies on all she has found

Sorries, Thank yous
Begging and Pleading
For the Prince to understand 
Her heart was now bleeding

Young girl knew the pain she had cause
Left is distress and wanting to pause

"Pause my life, Dear God," she pleaded
"I need to make things right with the ones that I needed"

"I needed them then and I still need them now
I want the control but I just don't know how"

No sudden response was sent to the girl
But the knowledge she holds was beginning to swirl

She figured out what to do to make things right
To dry her new tears
And sleep through the night

She made calls
She made mends
She did what she could
To turn it all around the way that she should

There is no end to this story because this couple is still making it through
Young girl is turning back to all the things she already knew

Prince charming is still there holding her hand
Despite all things
He is still her loving man

Even with all said and done
And even some parting still pending
They'll have to admit 
This is merely the beginning

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