26 March 2012

A Wish for Someone Like You

All you romantics will love this, all you anti-love fans will hate it. Some of you will not understand my analogies, some of you will. This is for Michael. My prince. My love. My Mikey. Thank you, Honey for being there even through my roughest moments. I know it isn't easy. I have a long road ahead of me, but you have put me back on the right one. I was too far gone down the other one. Thank you for lifting me up and placing me back on my path to sanity.

We are young
Our future is bright
Thoughts of our love
Gets me through each night

Far away or by my side
Forever your arms are my home
As long as you allow
There is where I'll reside

I've wrote about you once before
Just a hope and a dream to walk through my door

I've searched high and low for this poem, You see
This poem was a wish for you to be sent to me

Morbid it was
Dark, Scary, and Cold
But somewhere inside was the hope I did hold

Hope for someone like you
To love someone like me
To understand my flaws
Ones the world do see
Have deeper meaning

I hope I'm not wrong in the way the I feel
But the love I have for you has moved me to makes the steps that I must
To finally close my wounds and allow them to heal

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